Best coffee shops Hamburg

The 5 Best Coffee Shops – Hamburg

Here is our top 5 list of Third Wave Coffee Shops in Hamburg. The Cappuccino in this Coffee shop is good but could be better with a stronger aroma. The location and especially the view from the second floor is really nice. The Iced flat white at the Elbgold is very refreshing and deserves the fourth place. The Iced latte at our 3rd placed coffee spot is aromatic and well balanced. The 2nd place goes to the playground coffee for a great flatwhite with a chocolate hint. And the winner is, public coffee roasters. The filter coffee has an intense chocolate based flavour

5th place – The Coffee Shop – Cappuccino 41 out of 50 beans
4th place – Elbgold – Iced Flat White 42 out of 50 beans
3rd place – Torrefaktum – Iced Latte 43 out of 50 beans
2nd place – Playground Coffee – Flat White 43 out of 50 beans
1st place – Public Coffee Roasters – Filter coffee 45 out of 50 beans

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