Building NWTC one

ONE Dine at One World Trade Center Observatory – New York

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

The show starts already in the elevator and shows the construction of this impressive building in a breathtaking speed. The elevator races up to the 102nd floor so fast, that your ears can not even adjust the changing pressure. Once at the top it continues to be meaningful. First you stand in front of a closed wall which suddenly opens like a theatre curtain before it’s revealing a magical view of amazing New York City.

Welcome to the new World Trade Center which is probably offering the best viewing platform in the megacity since 2015. On the top there is an absolute panoramic restaurant which will be of course extensively tested by Foodseeing. First, let’s have a look at the menu. The first shock is caused by the prices. You get the Long Island Duck for $34, Rib Eye for $42 or a Burger for $26. It’s no surprise but up here no guest will expect any great deals. This is one of the sacrifices for a magnificent view.

expensive dishes at the World Trade Center one in NY

However, we are ordering a flatbread with mushrooms, rocket salad and truffle aioli for $18. It is not bad, but not worth the price. The red wine from the nearby Long Island should not be underestimated which is specially created for the restaurant with the name One Red. It’s fruity with a balanced touch and also not quite cheap for $14, but then there is this view which somehow seems priceless.

You can overlook Manhattan, the Empire State Building and of course the Central Park in the distance. It is a treat that once again makes the food and prices seem a little bit more gracious. Only guests ordering food get the wonderful opportunity to sit next to the window, otherwise you have to take a stool at the bar. The service is a bit slow and it might be the high altitude to blame. In any case the experience on the observation deck is unforgettable. For just over $30 you have the chance to bypass its queues for a hassle free view over Manhattan at night.

The lights of the city are mesmerizing. Is it because of the wine or this view? For a moment, the city that never sleeps seems suddenly quite calm.

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