Food and Market hall 9 in Berlin

Market hall 9 – Berlin

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Every Thursday a food happening takes place in Berlin and the impression arises that everything here is happening for the first time. Market hall 9 breaks gets very busy on a Streetfood Thursday. Nigerian fufu, dumplings from Tibet or New York cheesecake – that makes you think that the world is gathering in one place. There are permanent food providers and some that only show up for one day. In any case, this offer with several dozen food stands is positively overwhelming. And so we ordered something that was new to us: delicious Empanadas from Uruguay that are available with cheese, meat or Feta filling. After that we picked classic Natas at the Portuguese stand which is popular in the region around Porto. We refreshed yourselves with mint flavoured homemade lemonade before we continued our food trip to the Japanese cuisine. A dish from the Kansai region can be found here: Okonomoiyaki, the Japanese pancakes which actually tastes very authentic. Even if the sauce is good but not optimal, the cabbage tastes great. The only bad Thing about the “Marktplatz 9” is that it it would be even better if they would provide more sitting options and the seats that are available are not really cosy. Thats probably due to the streetfood concept. But there are a few nice outdoor locations in the area where you will be able to enjoy your food and with “Kaffee Neun” there is also a great coffee carrier nearby.

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