Best market in England

London – Borough Market

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

England is in Brexit fever, a state that is visible in front of the Buckingham Palace when the activists show up again. Fortunately, there is a place in London that sprays with international flavours, with or without a Brexit. Borough Market is the home of the cities culinary world. Here Thai delicacies, German specialities line up next to Ethiopian ones and of course a lot of culinary delights from the island itself like fudge or cheese. The first thing that we tried out here was food from our Indian friends and indeed the cliché is true that you get very good Indian Food on the island . Moong Dal Doosa is a vegetarian dish, similar to a pancake, consisting of mung beans and is very popular in India as breakfast. The dish is very spicy and delicious, garnished with lentils and onions. The preparation is also very quick.

Also fish lovers get their money’s worth. In the award-winning Fishkitchen there are classic English Fish and Chips dishes as well as Whitebait. So crispy, fried mini fish that is very tasty.
On the opposite side is a sales booth where you can get a freshly squeezed mango-orange juice.

Foodseeing couldn’t leave this market before trying the coffee here. The baristas in the Monmouth Coffee understand their craft and roast their beans by themselves. The Flat White offered here for example is great and has a wonderfully sweet note.

The Borough Market is open every day until Sunday and Foodseeing would say that it is a European role model for street food markets.

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