Best coffe in Nanjing China

Greybox coffee – Nanjing

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Walking through the countless shopping malls in Nanjing, Foodseeing was looking for a good coffee place to spend the last hour on New Year’s Eve. By accidentally we found Greybox coffee in Deji Plaza which is China’s most successful mall with the highest generated annual revenue in the country.

Greybox coffee shop in Deji Plaza Nanjing

At 11pm all coffee shops were about to close but the staff at this 3rd wave café was so kind to cancel their cleaning process just for us. They made us some nice drip brewed coffee, Latte coffees and even took some time to explain the differences of the used beans.

Best coffee in Nanjing

The skills of the barista working here are even better then in the most European coffee houses. You can really tell the difference in taste if someone is preparing with passion.

Greybox coffee Nanjing

The quality of the coffee, the very professional staff and the best equipment here make this place to the best coffee place in town.

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