Food Loop Restaurant in Europapark

FoodLoop – Europa Park

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

I had the chance to dine at the world’s 1st loop restaurant. It is located inside the biggest European theme park Europa Park so you need a park ticket to get to this restaurant.

To access this dining attraction you need to line up first like for any other  park ride but it usually doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes. After entering you receive a chip card on which you get charged for the ordered food.

The restaurant is looking really impressive with its super long curved tracks that go along the whole restaurant and are connected to the dining tables. You can see food and drinks riding across the room with high speed – even watching it gives you a thrilling feeling.

The ordering process works without staff because every table is equipped with a ordering screen. You just have to browse through the offered products and select a meal or drink which gets delivered only a few minutes later after ordering.

The food gets delivered in pots which you have to open by yourself. It is always a big surprise how the food looks because it is hard to imagine how a meal fits into a pot. These pots are covered and sealed for the transport on the roller coaster tracks to prevent that the food spills out on the way to the customer. My first order was a carrot soup as starter which got delivered in a bottle. You have to pour it into a soup p late by yourself to start eating. I also picked a black pepper steak with veggies and  crunchy potatoes which were crispy on the outside and very soft inside.


It is a bit tricky to eat out of a pot but that is part of the special experience you won’t forget that easily. The taste was really surprising and much better than I expected. The prices are very reasonable for a restaurant inside a theme park – the soup was about 5€ and the steak around 10€.

For dessert I ordered a traditional cake called “Sachertorte”. It is covered with a thick chocolate layer and contains apricot jam. The size of this piece was way too big after a filling meal but who would complain about that 😉 The price was more than reasonable for about 3€.

I would give this restaurant for its unique dining experience a rating with 4 out of 5 stars. My first option would be this place to have lunch the next time I get the chance to visit Europa Park again.

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