Maple delight canada special

Delicious Maple sweets – Canada (Special)

The spirit of Canada: Maple. Canada has even immortalized the maple leaf on its national flag. So which symbol is better to be tasted as a snack or bought as a souvenir? And so we went on a search in eastern Canada, looking for the home of those maple trees that are used for the production of the sweet gold. The tree must be at least forty years old, the so-called sugar maple tree. March is the month of harvesting, an event in Canada that is slowly giving us hope for spring. There are almost endless variations of the maple perpetuation. In Toronto we first tried the beaver tails which is a fried dough and is also available in many variations. We had the classic one with maple syrup which tasted very delicious. Of course it has nothing to do with Justin Bieber, who is also Canadian 😉 In Quebec City we even discovered a wonderful Maple creation in the Café La Maison Smith: a Maple flavoured coffee with maple cookie. And if that’s not enough for you, Montreal also has a Canadian wild berry smoothie, of course also with maple flavour. We found that in the historic halls of the Marché Bonsecours. There are also souvenirs that are inseparably linked to maple. Among these you can find syrup, Air Heads soft candy, a maple lollipop for the little ones and even scented candles that bring the maple forest atmosphere into your living room.

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