Weihnachtsmarkt Bad Wimpfen

Christmas market – Bad Wimpfen

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Christmas is coming closer and nothing is better than visiting a German ‘Weihnachtsmarkt’ to start into this season! Germany is famous for its Christmas markets but it is not easy to find the best one out of 2500 markets Germany is offering each year. One of my favorite Xmas places is the “Altdeutscher Weihnachtsmarkt Bad Wimpfen”.

Bad Wimpfen is a medieval town that makes you feel the history. The ancient Romans passed here and left their marks that makes this town worth seeing even outside of the Christmas season.

On the Christmas  market you can explore a mix of all the popular German Christmas food and beverages, as well as authentic sweets, toys, nutcrackers, … During night time, when thousands of lights are creating a festive atmosphere, it’s time for mulled wine (Glühwein) and some delicious dishes.

There are so many things to eat and drink on a German Christmas Market. If you are not from Germany feel free to ask me to help you to find your next culinary delight:

1. Hearty food

Sausages and steaks

Curry sausage (Currywurst)

Fire sausage (Feuerwurst)

A spicy sausage that comes in a bun – you can also put mustard on it but even without it this “Wurst” is very delicious. 

Hash browns – Potatoe pancakes with applesauce (Kartoffel Röstis mit Apfelmus)


2. Sweet Food

Sweet Flammkuchen with apple pieces, sour cream and cinnamon

A kind of sweet bread made out of yeast which gets deep fried (baked with a lot of grease). You can pick you favorite topping: sour cream, garlic, Nutella, tomatoes, cheese, cinnamon-sugar or rocket salad…
  Waffles (Waffeln)

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