Malta's best coffee spots

Best Coffee houses in Malta

Malta offers great weather until October with over 25 degrees. A sunny destination like this has many great café spots and we went on a journey to find the best ones. Although the cappuccino at The Pastry Park in Sliema could have been stronger, the main attraction here are the sweets and pastries. We ordered a delicious lemon dessert. Also in Sliema, right next to the water, the Il Gabbana attracts with good Lavazza coffee and a great atmosphere. Right behind this coffee house is also a good cafe called Mint.
The best spot in Sliema is the Caffee Berry. Here you can enjoy a really tasty pistachio cappuccino.

In Valletta the old-established Cordina Caffe offers a wonderful selection of cakes, like a really great rum tart garnished with a hot chocolate. Anyway, you can get by far the best coffee on the island at the Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters. Both the flat white and the iced coffee were very aromatic and strong.
A special tip in Valletta is the Undercroft Café, housed in an old church. Here you can experience the English heritage with scone, clotted cream and wine from Malta (Mdina).

The last destination on our trip is the old island capital Mdina. In the Palazzo de Piro you can get a refreshing cheesecake with an average cappuccino and a great view over the island.

Ranking Malta

1. Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters (Valetta)

2. The Undercroft (Valetta)

3. Caffe Berry (Sliema)

4. Caffe Cordina (Valletta)

5. Il Gabbana (Sliema)

6. Mint (Sliema)

7. The Pastry Park (Sliema)

8. Palazzo de Piro (Mdina) u

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