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Belgian Food – Antwerpen (Special)

Antwerp combines classic Flemish architecture with lots of harbour flair and of course excellent Belgian cuisine. When standing on the Grote Mart, you’ll immediately feel the Belgium flair. The same applies to the culinary sights of the city, so we at Foodseeing want to introduce a sightseeing program to you that covers most specialities that the largest city of the Flanders’ region offers. Without chocolates nothing works in Belgium. The Chocolatier Burie, even sells very tasty chocolate Diamonds. This refers to the city’s title as world’s largest diamond transshipment centre.
Dominique Persoone came up with many chocolate shape ideas and some of them seem quite weird. In his Cocolate Line store you can buy chocolate lipsticks, chocolate pills or even the chocolate shooter.
Also coffee lovers will get lucky here looking for a good cafe. The station in Antwerp, that looks like a cathedral you can find the Café Royal. Here you can enjoy a Viennese Melanie.
For those who like it more modern, the Caffee Mundi near the Grote Mart is worth a visit and offers a sweet Flat White.
Waffle lovers will be happy in the Smallest Waffle Shop in the World. Delicious Liège waffles to go for only 2.50 € are pressed here.
A great build-your-own hot chocolate is available at Quetzal.
You should not miss Flemish specialities. Poor Duivel makes gorgeous cheese croquettes that are even greater with a delicious Duvel of beer.
And finally, the former three-star chef Sergio Herman offers real gourmet fries. He has already successfully populated the city with his award-winning restaurants called ‘the Jane’.
The Frites Atelier is all about the Belgians’ favourite snack. In our case a delicious Kimchi variant with Asian sauce and Greek yoghurt for only 6,50 €. This Proofs that French fries can be more than just fastfood.
Nobody should go home hungry in Antwerpen. The city on the Schelde has even more to offer.

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