Best coffee in Ho Chi Minh City

3 Coffee Spots in Ho-Chi-Minh City (Special)

The traffic in Vietnam is nothing for weak minds on the streets of Ho-Chi-Minh City aka Saigon. Even on the sidewalk pedestrians have to sidestep many eager Scooter drivers. The coffee here is also not weak and that in a double sense. The traditionally strong Caphe can be enjoyed in retreats that take you far away from the hectic traffic into another world.
The favourite coffee of the Vietnamese can be found at Trung Nguyen Legend everywhere in the city. For around two dollars per pack it is a laughable price, with the typical strong roast. Foodseeing has also dared dared to try the classic Caphe with Phin filter, including Matcha cake. It’s a delicious pleasure!

Now let’s head to The Workshop. They are among the countrie’s Third Wave pioneers and also have plenty of western coffee varieties. The Flat White has a taste that is different than usual, almost a touch of egg coffee. That is an interesting experience.

You should not miss the caphe sua which is an iced coffee with sweet condensed milk. An addictive undertaking that takes Saigon Coffee Roastery to a new level with great coffee quality. Garnished with a fresh melon Juice it is very refreshing at 33 degrees outside temperature.

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